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IntelliSight iCam-D25 helps maintain public safety for Beijing Subway

case study


In metropolitan cities like Beijing, smart and safe transportation systems are crucial for ensuring a smooth and safe travel experience. As one of the busiest transportation networks in the world, the Beijing Subway carries millions of commuters every day. To support a smart and safe transportation system, the installation of smart surveillance has emerged as a cutting-edge solution.

the customer & challenge
Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Co., Ltd., established on April 15, 1970, is a large state-owned company and the first urban rail transit operating enterprise established in China. The Company's mission is to ensure urban operation safety and enhance urban carrying capacity. The Company had 33,073 employees and operated 17 lines and 330 stations with a total operating distance of 538 kilometers.

Faced with a daily passenger flow of over 10 million, passenger safety has become significant concern for Beijing Subway. To ensure that passengers do some behaviors that could compromise their safety and that of others during train operations, Beijing Subway had to deploy three security personnel at each station. There is an urgent requirement for a smart monitoring solution to replace human intervention. This would allow the additional manpower to be dedicated to other aspects of subway operations.

With a maximum resolution of 2880(H) x 1620(V), iCam-D25 ensures clear and detailed footage, providing a comprehensive view of crowded surroundings, which is ideal for professional public security.

Real-time monitoring and intrusion detection, line crossing detection, region entrance and exiting detection enable quick response to suspicious activities, potential threats, or emergencies, ensuring the safety of passengers and staff. For example, line crossing detection can detect individuals crossing subway tracks without permission.

As evening approaches, iCam-D25 smart surveillance built-in sensors will detect the decrease in lighting conditions. Then, the cameras trigger the auto-switch function and transition into night mode, which allows the cameras to capture clear images even in low-light situations. This enables precise monitoring of the subway stations 24 hours a day.

the result

Enhanced Security Level
Anviz smart surveillance solution provides day and night safety. Effectively reduce the subway accident rate and ensure the personal safety of the public.

Easy to Install
iCam-D25 is lightweight and suitable for installation in a variety of environments. The PoE interface and wireless communication reduce installation and maintenance costs.

Reduced Human Resource Costs
After applying Anviz iCam-D25, each station now requires only one security personnel. The remaining staff members have been allocated to tasks like equipment maintenance, which resulted in a cost savings of over 70%.