TC_M firmware update list

Remark: TC_M firmware is used for old M3 platform of VF30/T60/TC550/OC500/EP300/A300/OC180/D100/D200.
               We can distinguish the platform by firmware, firmware of old M3 platform is under 3.XX.

V03.31 Update  14/10/20
       1) Support character with four tones

V03.30 Update  14/10/16
       1) Mode error when setting broadcast network para
V03.29 Update  14/07/02
       1) Add self define time attendace status amount from 3 to 8

V03.28 Update  14/07/02
       1) Messy code because of manufacture infomation is too long

V03.27 Update  14/06/21
       1) Optimize fingerprint sensor

V03.26 Update  14/05/19
       1) Set default wiegand mode to big endian,wiegan 34 mode

V03.25 Update  14/05/07
       1) Set default wiegand mode to little endian,Wiegand 26 mode

V03.24 Update  14/04/25
  1) Alarm when force entry

V03.23 Update  14/02/17
  1) Blacklight flash after machine dormancy

V03.22 Update  14/01/25
  1) 0x34/0x35 protocol 9 byte modify to:
   1、Big endian、wiegand 26 mode
   2、Little endian、wiegand 26 mode
   3、Big endian、wiegand 34 mode
   4、Little endian、wiegand 34 mode
  2) VP30 Infrared tube doesn't work

V03.21 Update  14/01/22
  1) Add protocol 0x34/0x35
  2) Display 24 BIT CARD/32 BIT_CARD when boot up

V03.20 Update  14/01/16
  1) Add Czech language

V03.19 Update  14/01/07
  1) Fix bug of wiegand output mode 4

V03.18 Update  14/01/02
  1) Add record when push Exit Button(User No:0 ,Backup No :0)
  2) Add record when swap unkown card (User No:0XFF +(Card No>>20), Group No:(Card No & 0xFFFFF)}
  3) Wiegand output add mode 4,output 32 bit card number

V03.16 Update  13/12/12
  1) Add menu item "Collect threshold", range from 0 to 8,default value is 0

V03.13 Update  13/11/28
  1) Broadcast port modify to 5060

V03.12 Update  13/11/05
  1) Add network search protocol

V03.11 Update  13/10/23
  1) Modify time calibrate function communication protocol

V03.10 Update  13/10/23
  1) Add time calibrate function

V03.09 Update  13/10/11
  1) Adjust fingerprint sensor para

V03.08 Update  13/10/11
  1) Adjust fingerprint sensor para

V03.07 Update  13/10/11
  1) Adjust fingerprint sensor para
V03.06 Update  13/07/30
  1) Fix bug of software open door function

V03.05 Update  13/07/25
  1)Set time frame from 29 to 32 to normally open

V03.03 Update  13/06/06
  1) Fix bug: Can not boot up after burn program

V03.02 Update  13/05/24
  1) Need admin verify when turn off

V03.01 Update  13/05/13
  1) Support W25Q32FV


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