Anviz Global Provides Nation-wide Solutions For Uruguay Company, Conaprole(OA1000)

Anviz Global and Aliar11 Accepted Conaprole's Challenge
The research and development department at Anviz Global has partnered with Aliar11 to design and implement a fully-customized biometric-based, time-attendance system to meet the needs of their latest partners, Conaprole. Anviz enthusiastically accepted the challenge of supplying Conaprole, one of Uruguay's biggest and most internationally-recognized dairy producers.

Installation site:
All of Conaprole's manufacturing and office facilities across all of Uruguay.

Project Background:
After one year of cooperation, the project has been qualified as a complete success. Anviz's OA1000II terminal has been installed in 40 locations. The system has been operational since May of this year.

Project Requirements vs. Anviz Solutions:
1) User-friendly biometric technology.
2) High-quality and reliable hardware which is capable of handling a high volume of employees.
3) Sophisticated firmware capable of handling complex time-attendance functions
4) Highly compatible software that integrates easily with Conaprole's unique time-attendance database
5) External project hardware integration.
6) Durable casing that includes mini-UPS and converters.