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ANVIZ technical training for Guatmala AAD Giganet

The Venue:Guatemala
Date:Octorber 15, 2015
Company:Giganet Communications.
ANVIZ Senior technical support engineer Mr. Federico Murga provided technical training for GIGANET
around its 200 clients in Grand Tikal Futura Hotel of Guatemala  The clients joinned the training gave high
praises to ANVIZ supporting quality, and believe will make more success together with ANVIZ. 
About Giganet Communications:
Anviz Authorized Distributor (AAD) Giganet Communications with more than over 30 years of Culture of
Quality and Service, we are one of the leaders in technology in the region, integrating solutions for different
markets specializing in security solutions, data transmission and maximizing the use of fiber optic, coaxial
cable and wire twisted pair.
We distribute and represent more than 25 leading brands in the market, like
mphasizing the availability and variety of products, delivery order and
showrooms close to our customers.With
 a team of sales and support so that we can constantly provide
the best care to their training needs and acquired products.