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Jarrion Time completes integration with Anviz Biometrics


JARRISON TIME, known to many as Leading Time Attendance (T&A) and Access Control (AC) Software, has completed its integration with ANVIZ BIOMETRICS. This integration is based upon the growing demand in the market for Affordable yet Powerful T&A and AC Solutions. JARRISON TIME offers the customer comprehensive solutions including and not limited to; Time Management, Shifts and Pay groups, Daily Exception Reporting, Access Control, Absenteeism Management, Visitor Management, Payrol integration, SAP integration and FREE updates, to name a few.

ANVIZ BIOMETRICS complements the JARRISON TIME solution with their wide Range of Affordable Biometrics Devices. ANVIZ users benefit from the BioNANO CORE ALGORITHYM. This Unique Algorithym is Standard across the entire Anviz range making fingerprint recognition easier each time you use the device. BioNANO features a Learning and Healing Algorithym, key aspects to many of its Larger Success stories including Indian Air Force, Bank of Iran, Government of Mexico etc.