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Mexico Government SEMARNAT Selected ANVIZ Biometric Solution to Control Building Access Nationally


Project User: SEMARNAT ( Mexico Government institution, Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources) Mexico's environment ministry is charged with the mission of protecting, restoring, and conserving the ecosystems, natural resources, assets and environmental services of Mexico with the goal of fostering sustainable development.

Solution Provider: ANVIZ Global Inc & DR Security ( ANVIZ Authorized Parnter)

DR Security was a company highly recognized in the field of solutions, integrations and services in the field of security technology, concentrating on new technologies, achieving and maintaining the highest quality. It is always maintaining an ethical interaction between customers, companies and employees within it.




SEMARNAT has 40 branches and 2000 employees nationally. The principal office is located in Mexico City that manages 40 branches in other cities. And more than 2000 users need to access their different branch buildings everyday, so there are two identification modes required on the integrated system consisting of the visitor only with card identification mode and employee with card and FP identification mode. Every two OA1000 Mercury Pro controls one Single Lane Flap Barrie. When employees punch card and place the FP to get access granted, the single lane flap barrier will open. OA1000 Mercury Pro with FP identification function increases the security level, and makes it the ideal choice to build intelligent and secure Access Control Application System.


DR Security integrated Anviz OA1000 Mercury Pro after strict testing and evaluation with ANVIZ R&D professional support team. Due to its highest quality and performance of OA1000 Mercury Pro with very fast, accurate verification of fingerprint and Mifare card, also high quality Mercury Sensor from Lumidigm USA, finally they chose this solution as the best solution.

OA1000 Mercury Pro is one of Anviz fingerprint flagship models, based on the Linux operating system, with features of dual-core high-speed CPU; large memory support; and 1: 30000 matching high speed in less than 0.5 seconds. Multiple communication ways: TCP/IP, WIFI & 3G (optional. Its built-in webserver allows fast, easy access to the device settings and record searching.


Application Diagram & Picture



After the installation of OA1000 Mercury Pro integrated with the single lane flap barrier, Mexico government SEMARNAT had received users’ positive feedback and realized real-time monitoring the employees or visitors’ entry/exit buildings, improved office security level, saved labor cost to maximum. Meanwhile, other institutions of Mexico government are interested in this and wish to apply this security system.