CrossChex Standard

Featuring a user-friendly GUI, AIM CrossChex provides feature-rich time and attendance management experience, meeting all needs of employee attendance tracking and access restriction of small and medium-sized businesses that house employees in a centralized workplace.

Name Version Update Time Download
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.16.exe V4.3.16 11/17/2020 70.2 MB
  • 最新版本V4.3.16.0

    2.增加了对Facedeep 3 相关机型的支持;
    3.增加了对Facedeep 5 新固件的支持;

  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.15.exe V4.3.15 10/15/2020 70.2 MB
  • 最新版本V4.3.15.0


  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.14.exe V4.3.14 07/24/2020 70.2 MB
  • 最新版本V4.3.14.0

    1.添加FassPass 7 IRT 测温和口罩记录。

  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.12.exe V4.3.12 09/22/2019 70.2 MB
  • 最新版本V4.3.12.0


  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.11.exe V4.3.11 08/29/2019 70.2 MB
  • 最新版本V4.3.11.0


  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.10.exe V4.3.10 07/18/2019 70.2 MB
  • Latest version V4.3.10.0

    1. Update the German language configuration file.

  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.9.exe V4.3.9 06/03/2019 70.2 MB
  • Latest version V4.3.9.0

    1. Added support for M5PLUS/VF100/W1CPRO/A350/A350C models
    2. Added support querying records by device number
    3. Added traditional German language

  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.8.exe V4.3.8 01/11/2019 70.0 MB
  • Latest version V4.3.8.0

    1. Fix the error of the separator when automatically exporting records
    2. Add the "Read Card Number Mode" setting to the device parameters
    3. Added support for M3PRO and A380C models
    4. Added the setting of automatic switching of equipment attendance status
    5. Added traditional Chinese language
    6. Fixed other bugs

  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.7.exe V4.3.7 11/12/2018 69.8 MB
  • Latest version V4.3.7.0

    1. Added support for W1PRO, W2PRO, T60PRO, VF30PRO, T50, N-Bio, C2C, C5C models
    2. Added support for M3 model Bluetooth module, using App can achieve close to open the door
    3. Added management functions such as adding, modifying, deleting, and querying device groups.
    4. Optimized the software startup speed when there are more people;
    5. Solve the problem that fingerprint registration may be prompted by U-Bio registration fingerprint
    6. Modified the calculation problem of overtime ratio
    7. Fixed other bugs

  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.6.exe V4.3.6 08/16/2018 69.8 MB
  • V4.3.6

  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.5.exe V4.3.5 08/12/2018 69.8 MB
  • V4.3.5

  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.4.exe V4.3.4 10/25/2017 68.8 MB
  • V4.3.4

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