Anviz SDK

In order to better enable customers to develop local and desktop applications, Anviz has released a new V2 version of the new SDK. The new SDK uses full TCP/IP communication mode and the new C language is compiled into a dynamic library, which is compatible with various operations. System development, providing the most popular and widely used C# application DEMO, source code and related API documentation.

New SDK advantages,
The new SDK supports multi-OS development environments.
Full networked communication mode, support UDP device search function, quickly discover devices and add devices through the network.
Supports up to 1000 devices and online links at the same time.
Optimize the server and client communication link mode of the device. Improve the real-time data push performance of the device.
Support more device operation functions, set device access control function, clear all device records, etc.
Support Anviz full line of fingerprints, face and iris attendance, access control products.

Name Version Update Time Download
  • Anviz Biometric SDK Ver44.rar Version 2.44 07/31/2020 2.7 MB
  • Anviz Biometric SDK Version 44

    1. Support the exportation of temperature records in FacePass 7 IRT.
    2. Solved the existing problems.

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