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How to Upgrade The FaceDeep 3 Series Kernal by USB Flash Drive?

Created by: Chalice Li
Modified on: Wed, June 2nd 2021 at 17:44 

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Upgrade the firmware for the FaceDeep 3 /FaceDeep 3 IRT devices via the USB Flash Drive. Please 
prepare the USB Flash Drive with FAT format and capacity less than 8GB.

The detail steps as below:

Step 1:  Please download the latest firmware of FaceDeep 3/ FaceDeep3 IRT from this link:

Step 2: Copy the firmware file to USB Flash Drive and plug the USB Flash Drive to the device USB port.

Step 3: Setup FaceDeep 3 Series to firmware upgrade mode. 

main settings

Enter into device Main menu, click Settings and select the Update.
update update

 Click “Start” to upgrade the firmware. (Please make sure the USB Flash Drive already plug into device)
update basic info

After upgrade the firmware please restart the device and check the Kernel Ver. from Basic Info is gf561464 to ensure the upgrade is successful. If not, please check the opertaing steps and upgrade the firmware again.

Please mail to if you have any questions !     
Anviz Technical Support Team