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What Models Support CrossChex Cloud System?

Created by: Felix Fu
Modified on: Fri, June 10th 2021 at 17:58

CrossChex Cloud now supports the following Anviz models:
C2 Pro, A350, A350C, W Series (W1, W1 Pro, W1C Pro, W2, W2 Pro), VF30 Pro,EP300 Pro, EP30, FaceDeep 3 Series (FaceDeep 3, FaceDeep 3 IRT), FaceDeep 5 Series (FaceDeep 5, FaceDeep 5 IRT) and FacePass 7 Pro Series (FacePass7 Pro, FaceDeep 7Pro IRT)

C2 Pro A350 A350C W1 Pro W2 Pro VF30 Pro FacePass 7 Pro
EP300 Pro EP30  FaceDeep 3 FaceDeep 3 IRT FaceDeep 5 FaceDeep 5 IRT FacePass 7 Pro IRT

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