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The SDK difference between the U-bio and OA99


The purpose is to make U-bio replace the OA99 or U-Bio work together with OA99 in one system.

There are different functions between these two devices.

1. The U-Bio withoutAvzSetParm function

2. Add AvzGetCard function to get ID card number in the U-Bio SDK.

3.Add a uRate parameter in “AvzProcess” function according to the extraction of characteristics.

   Different values need to be input according to various camera models. The U-Bio value is 94.

4. Add a ‘rotate’ parameterin the“AvzMatch” functionto set the fingerprint sensor recognitionangle rangeas(1-180) degree.

5. Add a ‘rotate’ parameterin the “AvzMatchN” function to set the fingerprint sensor recognition angle range as (1-180) degree.

    The fingernum parameter type is changed to “unsigned  long”.

6. The return value of “AvzProcess”, “AvzMatch” and “AvzMatchN” functions are change from “short” to “long”.