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Anviz Global Partner Program (AGPP)


What is AGPP?

AGPP is Anviz Global Partner Program. It is designed for industry-leading distributors, resellers, software developers and system integrators highly qualified in providing intelligent security solutions of Biometric, RFID and HD IP surveillance in targeted vertical markets. The program helps partners build a sustainable business model in a fast-changing environment, where customers require value-added services, focused technical expertise and high levels of satisfaction.

Advantage of AGPP

As an AGPP member, you will benefit from being an authorized channel dealer with structured price protection that guarantees the highest profit margin in the industry. The benefits continue as you will have private member portal access to relevant information, training, tools and support. As a member we will help you build your business to meet the growing customer demand for intelligent security solutions of Biometric, RFID and HD IP surveillance applications. We will partner with you to give your company the knowledge and hands on training to provide a range of comprehensive services, from system design and configuration to sales, installation and post-sales technical support.

Partner Types

Anviz Authorized Distributor (AAD) are larger sales and service organizations covering a broad geographic region with multiple locations. Trained to sell our solutions to AAD's existing reseller network within a defined country or geographic region. These organizations may also offer consulting, installation, integration, service, and training to their resellers based on their business model.
Anviz Authorized Reseller (AAR) are most often resellers that sell and possibly service local clients with respect to installation, support and training on hardware and software products within a defined country, or geographic region. They may rely on additional types of partners if help is needed in meeting bid requirements on larger projects and proposals.
Anviz Authorized Solution Provider (AASP) can also be an AASI partner but may embed, bundle, or integrate one or more Anviz products in combination with self-owned and localized solutions for specific industries or countries and have the ability to respond to client's special requirements with a customized solution. Anviz Global will refer qualified project leads to AASP partners in a region that requires their solution based on special parameters specified by the client contact. All AASP partners must provide a comprehensive explanation of their specific solution and all software must be submitted for Anviz Global's approval prior to any referrals.
Anviz Authorized System Integrator (AASI) is for organizations that embed, bundle, or integrate one or more Anviz applications either solely or with other solutions. AASI partners largely favor Anviz' technologies to provide a complete, innovative and customized solution for their clients. Anviz Global will refer qualified project leads to AASI partners based on qualifications and other factors at the time of tender.
Anviz Authorized Service Center (AASC) offers outstanding technical support and repair services. We offer free training to technicians or technical workers employed by AASC. Attending the Anviz training courses and passing the Anviz Authorized Service Center testing program will assure your companies service personnel can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot, identify and resolve issues. This program allows consumers to recognize quality service centers for in-warranty or out-of-warranty services.

Key Benefits

Sales and Marketing

◎ Perfect market system and complete price system
◎ Attractive discount and industry-leading margin.
◎ Strong marketing campaign support.
◎ Special product promotions from time to time.
◎ New product and solution development for local market.
◎ Professional customer resources share

Sales and Marketing

◎ Abundant marketing resources share
◎ Prior and professional email, phone and online technical support.
◎ Credit for spare parts application
◎ Considerate after-sales support