The cooperation with Anviz is very good


CoNet was established shortly after the changes in 1990 as a company dealing originally with Computers and Networks.During the nintees it diveded in more specialised companies.Since 1996 the mother-company is concentrated on distribution of computer-peripheries. Beside others also with access and attendance products. Till today we have more then 6 500 satisfied customers and tens of dealers. Originally in T&A business we started with israeli companies.  In the last few years came their quality down and price high. So we are now very satisfied discovering Anviz with their family of up-to-date T&A products, reasonable prices and very good technical support. 

The cooperation with Anviz is very good. We have a lot of experience with companies in T&A business and Anviz is surelly one of the best of them. On our very small market we have only one problem - Anviz is bringing new, good, products so often, that we sometimes do not have time to prepare them for our language and SW -and Anviz brings new and better product...

Unfortunatelly we discovered Anviz in a time, when the crises caused the drop of sales of T&A in Czech republic to less then 40 %. But we are sure, that in the "waking up" of the industry here in the last 2 monthes we will be able with very competitive Anviz products to rise again the sales.

In comparison to other our partners in T&A industry we see effective reactions to technical problems, non-bureucratic way of shipping spare parts.CoNet is able to repair a lot of damaged products by its qualified technicians immediatly, what is helping to satisfy customers expectations. 

On our small, special and language sensitive market is important to combine the proper user SW, following local rules and laws, with complete support in local language and good price. The most effective way of selling is nowadays internet advertisement.