We feel very confident selling ANVIZ products


Registek S.A. has been selling traditional carton card time recorders for years. We came across Anviz in website when we wanted to start selling biometric to our customers in 2008. 

We feel very confident selling ANVIZ products. The quality is very good as well as the design and price. About the service I do not have any complain about it. Cherry, Peter and Simon give me very good support. The only recommendation I can make is about the software. I understand that is very difficult to accomplish all the needs we have in different countries, but the D200 has a very nice feature and simple feature that is not present in the other models. The feature is that if you do not configure any time table and shift, the D200 only gives you the total worked hours. This is very useful with customers that has many employees with very different shifts and do not want to updated all the days the different shifts. This feature will be very useful in the other models because some customers would like to have TCP/IP or Pen drive comunication. And soon ANVIZ team did that! We were able to cater these clients’ needs! We are sure Anviz will support us for a very long period of time and we will keep on selling ANVIZ products.