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New and Improved VF30 and VP30


You have talked, and Anviz listened. The New VF/VP 30 has been reengineered from the ground up. We looked at every detail in order to bring you the most stable and secure device in the Anviz product line to date. We even dissected the installation process to create a more efficient design to provide a quick and clean installation.

The redesign of the VF/VP 30 lays the ground work for future product upgrades, and a most complete and stable product line for our partners. The upgrades made to the VF 30 and the VP 30 includes:

1) Quicker & Easier Installation – By relocating the RJ45 port, the new configuration positions the port in a more easily assessable location, making installation and repair work quicker and hassle free. The new design also allows for the Ethernet cable to lay flat, allowing for a cleaner installation.

2) Upgraded Processor – The upgraded VF 30 and VP 30 have been retrofitted with our new, faster ARM9 architecture processors to deliver speed and performance for your most demanding projects.

3) Dual Boards – The new design separates the PCB board into two separate boards. One board is specific for the power and the other handles the access control and other functions. This design advancement improves heat distribution within the device, and creates an added safety mechanism. In the unlikely event of a massive power surge that fries the power board, the device can still operate the other functions like access control and fingerprint sensor with an USB power source until the device can be repaired or replaced.

4) Internal USB – As an added safety measure, the external mini-USB port has been repositioned from its current external location, to an internal only location. This gives the device an added level of protection against possible hackers, but still remains as easy to collect the data for end users.

5) Reverse Compatibility – To make the upgrade as seamless as possible, we made sure the upgraded VF 30 and VP 30 were 100% backwards compatible with the older devices. This means even if your project contains both the new and old versions, they are interoperable and 100% compatible with each other.

After surveying many of our partners we have determined there is little need for the wiegand-in feature, as most partners use the more cost effective T5S for this feature. Therefore, we have removed the wiegand-in from the new VF/VP 30 in order to make room for the other design enhancements.

If you have any questions about the new VF/VP 30, your sales representative would be happy to go over them in detail. The upgraded product will be ready to ship on December 1st, so now is a good time to place a full or sample order to see these exciting improvements for yourself.