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Secu365 - A Cloud-Based Intuitive Security Platform Built to Protect Your Business

If you're like most business owners, your business is more than just your livelihood–it's the culmination of years spent dreaming and planning.With that in mind, it only makes sense to protect your business with the smartest security system on the market.

Reported by security market analysts from Omdia have highlighted the potential growth of an integrated physical security as a service (PsaaS) system. Omdia forecasts that the world PsaaS market was estimated to be worth $1.5 billion in 2020. The market for integrated PSaaS solutions will grow at an impressive 24.6% CAGR over the next five years.

Anviz, the smart security solution leader has launched Secu365 as an intuitive platform into a cloud-based physical security solution. Regardless of what type of service you provide, if you have a brick-and-mortar business, a well-rounded and easy-to-use security system is not just important—it's essential. Just take a look at a few of the benefits that you might be concerned about and get from the business security system.
  • Monitor customers and employees with video surveillance in case of any accidents that happen
  • Help prevent theft, vandalism, and other crimes
  • With a mobile device, remotely control your business from anywhere
Furthermore, as businesses continue to maintain a mostly remote workforce, the drive towards adopting cloud-based and hybrid solutions has grown as well.

Thus, with 24/7 video monitoring, indoor and outdoor cameras, integrated with biometric or mobile access—Secu365 system is the perfect way to protect your small business.

“We've seen people that are more and more interested in moving to cloud services, specifically small business owners. They work very hard, arriving first and leaving last. They often take their work home with them to ensure their business is as successful as possible. Because of this, many business owners spend a lot of time worrying about how things are running in their absence, specifically when they’re out-of-site or taking vacations.” said David Huang, Director of Secu365 in North America.

A top concern for small businesses is theft, as it can have devastating effects. Therefore, first and foremost, we need to help SMB owners to be proactive instead of reactive -- alerting them to issues before they become problems. An integrated security solution combines access control and video surveillance functions in a single platform is a worthwhile investment for peace of mind and control.