The notice of the cancellation of CD in product delivery box from Anviz Global Inc.


Thank you for choosing Anviz products. As a leading global provider of security equipment and systems, Anviz has always attached great importance to environmental protection, we are propelling various environmental improvement measures in the circle of production, packaging and sales.

As the saying goes “It’s Never Too Late To Change” --- Every Year, Anviz has been burning millions of CDs and supplying world wide with our devices. In order to protect the environment, Anviz has decided to go "CD Free" campaign from June 1st 2019. We will provide QR code for you to download the electronic documents to make sure that you understand how to install and use Anviz devices.

Anviz appreciates your understanding and supportin
g our small efforts towards protecting the natural resources.Scan the below QR code to download the latest Version of Crosschex Software