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Anviz Leverages Smart Technology to Secure Campus


Campus safety is a core value and top of mind for students, faculty and especially parents. A face recognition-based smart access control and time attendance system is a modern convenience that is needed even today. Such a system can help to track staff and student attendance accurately, which can save enterprises and schools money. In addition, adding such a system to the workplace and schools can also help to add a layer of security.

Many primary schools are introducing the latest facilities to create a smart campus. On such a campus, parents can be assured that their child is within the secure confines of the school and the classroom once inside campus. The touchless Access Control & Time Attendance devices would be the first choice of the smart campus, not just to mark attendance but also to ensure the safety and security of its students.


campus management
Anviz FaceDeep 3 outside every classroom is part of the Smart Campus, as it will mark students’ attendance every morning. It could also be integrated with the turnstile of the campus gate, the canteen payment system, printing system, to facilitate students' smooth movement between classrooms, the canteen, and printing rooms.

students’ attendance every morning

Thus, once the child is inside the classroom, it will be amply clear to the school which class a particular child is attending and it will account for every student on the premises. Also, it will save teachers time and effort by eliminating the manual marking of attendance. This time can be used for other productive activities. Shortly, when FaceDeep 3 is coupled with the Anviz smart survelliance cameras guarding the campus, it will be will easy to spot a student on the huge campus.

school bus

Anviz FaceDeep 3 4G are used on the school buses. The customers like the Flexible 4G communication between the CrossChex and terminals on the buses. Recognize and clock in with the face in seconds, after the face of students is aligned with the camera of the FaceDeep 3 on the bus, even if they are wearing masks.

the CrossChex and terminals on the buses

Further, every student will have designated buses, and strangers have no chance to get on. Thus, there is no need for bus drivers to check the passengers‘ identities. 

"We are glad to create a technology-driven environment with related skill-based training to ensure it benefits comprehensive student services. It will be certainly simple if the access control, time attendance, and canteen management as well as printing management are integrated into a centrally managed system," the IT manager of Anviz said.


health management
It’s clear- touchless systems have been the school's preference, especially since the world has been just past the threat of the pandemic. Due to robust Infrared Thermal Temperature Detection, Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT is chosen to do health monitoring replacing security staff.

touchless systems

Meanwhile, its WIFI connection features offer wireless coverage of the entire campus, and the customers are satisfied with the network stability as well as adaptability offered by FaceDeep 5 IRT.

Also, the aftermarket installation services provided by Anviz, which enable a minimal influence on the campus during project construction, meet the demands of the schools. The staff and students could enjoy higher security and efficiency with reduced counterfeiting. They verify within fractions of seconds –and prevent unnecessary physical contact.

WIFI connection features offer wireless coverage


SEAtS, Anviz valued partner, is the leading global vendor of student success solutions, helping leading universities to engage and retain more students. SEAtS Students Success Platform has the capability to drive retention, engagement, attendance, compliance and attainment across the campus.

cloud platform

By integrating with Anviz Face Series and deploying enterprise software such as CRM or Business Intelligence, student presence is captured, stored and analyzed on cloud. It is easy for school managers to tracks real-time class and online attendance and analyse academic engagement and performance.

Anviz is helping SEAtS deliver solutions to world-renowned institutions in the UK, America, and New Zealand.




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