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Anviz Unveils Innovative All-in-One Intelligent Security Solution for SMBs at ISC West 2024

Poised to reaffirm its position as an innovator in converged intelligent security systems, Anviz takes center stage at ISC West 2024 to launch its latest prevention-focused innovation, Anviz One. An All-In-One Intelligent Security Solution, Anviz One is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across various sectors, including retail, food and beverage, K-2 campuses, and gyms. This cutting-edge platform seamlessly integrates AI cameras and intelligent analytics and uses edge and cloud infrastructure to offer a comprehensive security suite that fortifies physical assets with precision and intelligence. 

Anviz One transforms safety and revolutionizes how SMBs manage, secure, and gain insights from their facilities. SMBs can now say goodbye to cobbling together disparate security management systems. A one-stop solution, it facilitates swift deployment, saves costs, and lowers technical barriers, leading to more accurate detection and faster response times. 

“While the cybersecurity landscape changes daily, physical security risk mitigation demands constant assessment too,” said Jeff Pouliot, National Sales Director of Xthings, a global AIoT solutions leader, of which Anviz is one of its brands. “An increasingly complex array of physical security threats – vandalism, theft, unauthorized access, and external threats — pose significant challenges to SMBs. What’s more, the escalating sophistication of physical security threats further complicates the landscape, demanding more intelligent and adaptive security systems.”

According to Straits Research, the global physical security market was valued at USD 113.54B in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 195.60B by 2030 at a CAGR of 6.23% from 2022 to 2030. The SMB segment is anticipated to experience the highest CAGR over the forecast period, at 8.2 percent. This expansion can be attributed to theft, environmental hazards, and intruders, as small businesses have a lot of resources and people to safeguard.

Importance of Advanced Security for SMBs

SMBs confront unique security challenges, necessitating moving beyond conventional measures. Often operating with limited resources, they require cost-effective yet powerful solutions to safeguard their premises. 

By integrating AI, cloud, and IoT, Anviz One provides a smarter, more responsive system capable of analyzing patterns, predicting breaches, and automating responses. “This advanced security level is not merely an option but a critical component in protecting the vital assets and operations that drive the business forward,” said Jeff Pouliot.

Anviz One’s advanced analysis moves beyond basic motion detection, enabling the differentiation between suspicious behavior and innocuous activity. For instance, AI can distinguish between someone loitering with potential ill intent and an individual simply resting outside a facility. Such discernment drastically reduces false alarms and directs focus toward real threats, significantly enhancing security precision for businesses.

With Anviz One, deploying a complete security system has never been easier. By integrating edge computing and cloud, Anviz provides effortless integration, instant connectivity via Wi-Fi and PoE, and compatibility that cuts costs and complexity. Its edge server architecture maximizes compatibility with existing systems, further reducing the steps and costs for system maintenance. 

Key benefits for SMBs

  • Enhanced Security: Utilizes advanced AI cameras and analytics to detect and alert unauthorized access or unusual activities.
  • Lower Upfront investment: Anviz One is designed to be cost-effective, reducing the initial financial burden on SMBs.
  • Cost-effective and low IT complexity: Features industry-leading products, technical support, and maintenance services. Can be quickly deployed with lower costs and technical barriers.
  • Stronger Analytics: System equipped with AI cameras and intelligent analytics that provide more accurate detection and quicker response.
  • Simplified management: With its cloud infrastructure and Edge AI server, it simplifies the management of security systems from anywhere.
Anviz also provides professional services to optimize security operations and share insights with management, thereby reducing the learning curve during system deployment. Thus, SMBs can quickly deploy a smart, robust security system on their premises with lower costs and technical bars that often hinder efforts to enhance safety.

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