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Protecting SMB: Secu365 Brings Smart Security closer to SMB with AWS Cloud Service


If you're like most business owners, your business is more than just your livelihood–it's the culmination of years spent dreaming and planning. With that in mind, it only makes sense to protect your business with the smartest security system on the market.

For the modern business still with traditional security system, there are the four typical challenges.

Huge investment

Traditional intelligent security systems often need companies to invest in multiple independent subsystems and independent server.

Complex system deployment

Multiple subsystems often have different deployment of protocol services.

Information redundancy

Since multiple subsystems are not interconnected, a large amount of invalid data piles up. Therefore, these data will occupy server resources and network bandwidth, causing data redundancy as well as system instability.

Low management efficiency

Security personnel had to monitor separate access control, video surveillance, and intruder alarm programs.

With changes in technology, today's modern business who are able to seize this moment by embracing new technologies could address security risks at every turn and reap greater benefits from their security system investments.

Secu365 is a cloud-based security solution designed especially for small to medium businesses, which could address above 4 challenges easily. It is a very affordable system that offers 24/7 video monitoring with indoor and outdoor cameras, smart door locks, biometrics and intercom functions into one intuitive solution. With the freedom of a cloud-based system, you can access your security network from any browser or mobile phone, anywhere, anytime. All events and alerts will be pushed to your browser or Secu365 APP, so you are always updated in real-time on any situation.


Director of Secu365 David said, "As for the recognition of cloud computing brand, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has won extensive trust and good word of mouth in the market. When learning that Secu365 runs on AWS, customers will have more confidence.”

Comprehensive mechanism

"Comprehensive compliance is not only our duty, but also our responsibility; it's the core factor that sustains our business. AWS provides powerful control measures in security and compliance to meet data residency and other regulatory requirements."

Better user experience

AWS is an enhanced architecture and cloud network infrastructures to effectively coped with the problems, including access delay and packet loss.