How to Input Characters (Letters & Symbols) on Anviz Devices

How to Input Characters (Letters & Symbols) on Anviz Devices

This is a detailed guide for inputting letters and symbols.

Recently, we found that some users had difficulties in inputting symbols when they need to input a cloud server address. Therefore, in order to help every user understand how to input characters on Anviz devices were here to help.

Lets start!

Anviz has 2 types of devices that may need to input characters.

Keypad and screen : EP30, W1, W2, VF30, EP300, etc.
Touch sreen : FaceDeep Series, FacePass 7 Series.

Type 1: Keypad and screen
The keypads of the different devices may have a little difference, but all the functions of a keypad are in common. There are number/letter key, in/out key, arrow key, menu/back key, FN key, delete key and enter key.


1)Using the enter key to move the cursor to the field.
2)If you need to input something other than numbers...?
Press [FN]key on the keypad, a character input window  "Aa" will be displayed on the bottom of the screen.

3)Press the number/letter key and a second window will appear and you can select the letter by number key.

4)How to switch the input method to input the letter, number or special symbols?
Press [IN]/[OUT] key on the keypad, the character input window will be toggled between Aa, 123, ,.!?” and .

5)You can get more symbols by [0] key.

The characters you input in the Input window wont be changed if the input method is toggled.

Type 2: Touch Screen
The usage is very similar to that of a smartphone. You can directly see number, letter, pin, symbols, etc. You can touch and choose what you need.

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