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How to Input Characters (Letters & Symbols) on Anviz Devices

This is a detailed guide for inputting letters and symbols.

Recently, we found that some users had difficulties in inputting symbols when they need to input a cloud server address. Therefore, in order to help every user understand how to input characters on Anviz devices were here to help.

Lets start!

Anviz has 2 types of devices that may need to input characters.

Keypad and screen : EP30, W1, W2, VF30, EP300, etc.
Touch sreen : FaceDeep Series, FacePass 7 Series.

Type 1: Keypad and screen
The keypads of the different devices may have a little difference, but all the functions of a keypad are in common. There are number/letter key, in/out key, arrow key, menu/back key, FN key, delete key and enter key.


1)Using the enter key to move the cursor to the field.
2)If you need to input something other than numbers...?
Press [FN]key on the keypad, a character input window  "Aa" will be displayed on the bottom of the screen.
press fn key on the keypad
3)Press the number/letter key and a second window will appear and you can select the letter by number key.
press the number
4)How to switch the input method to input the letter, number or special symbols?
Press [IN]/[OUT] key on the keypad, the character input window will be toggled between Aa, 123, ,.!?” and .
press in/out key on the keypad
5)You can get more symbols by [0] key.
You can get more symbols by 0 key
The characters you input in the Input window wont be changed if the input method is toggled.

Type 2: Touch Screen
The usage is very similar to that of a smartphone. You can directly see number, letter, pin, symbols, etc. You can touch and choose what you need.
the usage is very similar to that of a smartphone

Still need help?
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