Costa Rica Chain Stores of Sporting Goods Upgrade Time Attendance System | Anviz Global

Costa Rica Chaînes de magasins d'articles de sport Mise à niveau du système de gestion du temps

Creatica de software, a mis en œuvre une solution complète pour la société AccionCorp au Costa Rica, la solution impliquait l'installation de plus de 100PCS T50 dans tout le CostaRica comme piste, plus loin


AccionCorp is a franchise of sporting goods stores representing brands such as Nike, Puma, Speedo, Converse, etc. It has over 400 employees and with CES+T50 manages the human resources in a centralized way, but in over 50 locations across the country, shops, malls and distribution. As its business grows, it feels more and more difficult to collect the time attendance from stores across the whole country.



Creatica de software, implemented a complete solution for the company AccionCorp in Costa Rica, the solution involved the installation of more than 100PCS T50 throughout CostaRica as the trail, further more than additional 500 PCS, and connect these devices via a public IP to a software developed by Creatica. This system integrates directly with these devices through the SDK provided by Anviz and the technical support. CES is the name of the application and that manages to complement the human resource of a company. Attendance control using the T50, payroll, vacation, disability,etc.


With the system installed, the time attendance records of the sports stores across the whole country can be all collected in the headquarter, and this makes the AccionCorp feel very easy and efficient to finish the time attendance and payroll, always carefree when have new stores opened in future.