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Anviz Partners with TRINET to Organize Two Successful Roadshows in Singapore and Indonesia


Singapore, April 23, and Indonesia, April 30, 2024 - In collaboration with key partner TRINET TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD, Anviz organized two successful roadshow events. Both events brought together more than 30 industry experts who showed great enthusiasm for Anviz's business model of user scenario-driven solutions and interest in the new features of the product.


Need for Southeast Asian Markets: RCEP Brings New Opportunities, Largest Incremental Market in the World

As the largest FTA in the world, which will lead the development of global free trade, RCEP will also drive the Southeast Asian region to embrace better development opportunities. Anviz believes that at this time, the Southeast Asian market needs to be more mature high-tech, and innovative security solutions for ASEAN to become the world's largest incremental market escort.

Product Showcase

FaceDeep 5 - With the verification of over one million faces around the world, the Anviz face recognition series has become one of the most accurate face recognition terminals suitable for various environments and conditions. Anviz's BioNANO face algorithm accurately recognizes faces from different countries and recognizes faces in masks, glasses, long hair, beards, etc., with a recognition rate of over 99%.

CrossChex Cloud - As a Cloud-based Time & Attendance Management System, it provides an efficient and convenient employee time management service tailored to save businesses' resource costs. It is super fast to set up and easy to use, no software is needed. Whenever there is an Internet connection, it can be used without any web browser limitation.

C2 Series - Being a biometric and RFID card access control and time and attendance system based on Anviz's advanced technology, it provides multiple employee clocking methods for easy access. Anviz Artificial Intelligence Fake Fingerprint Recognition System (AFFD) brings together AI and Deep Learning technology to recognize and set off alarms in 0.5 seconds with 99.99% accuracy. Anviz biometric card technology stores biometric data on the user's personal RFID card and provides one-to-one matching of the data for a combination of security and convenience.

VF 30 Pro - New generation standalone fingerprint and smart card access control terminal with flexible POE and WIFI communication. It also supports web server functions to ensure easy self-management and a professional standalone access control interface, providing users with lower installation costs, simpler configuration, and lower maintenance costs.

Said Cai Yanfeng, Business Development Manager at Anviz, "Anviz is committed to delivering simple, integrated solutions including cloud and AIOT-based smart access control, time and attendance, and video surveillance solutions for a smarter, safer world. In the Southeast Asian market, we will maintain this same dedication to providing new security products and solutions for the sustainable future of local businesses."

Live Event Feedback 
The successful Roadshow event brought the industry partners together for face-to-face business communication, discussing Anviz's latest products and technologies, with a strong interest in cooperation projects. One of the attendees said, "In the competitive and challenging industry environment, it's great to see that Anviz can keep up with the pressure to deliver surprising innovations. In the following cooperation process, we will also keep on investing in a positive attitude to develop this market which is full of potential together with Anviz."

A Future of Opportunities and Challenges

In Southeast Asia, an emerging market, with the popularity of the Internet, local business security awareness, and security product scene awareness in place, the participants in the existing market are also pushing the spread of security products. The larger market also means that more competition lurks, which makes it even more important for us to do long-term brand-building and product planning.

Technical Sales Manager of Anviz, Dhiraj H said, " We will get the long-term planning done on brand building and product hard power enhancement to keep pace with the industry trends. It will continue to progress with our partners, face the market challenges head-on, and make a complete eco-service."
Do not miss our next roadshow if you also want to join hands with Anviz for a far-reaching and collaborative effort.

About Anviz
Anviz Global is a converged intelligent security solution provider for SMBs and enterprise organizations worldwide. The company provides comprehensive biometrics, video surveillance, and security management solutions based on cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and AI technologies. 

Anviz’s diverse customer base spans commercial, education, manufacturing, and retail industries. Its extensive partner network supports more than 200,000 companies to smarter, safer, and more secure operations and buildings. 

2024 Co-Marketing Program 
This year, we prepared more materials and more event types. 
Collaborative events will effectively showcase your products to a wider audience and help you gain more business opportunities. Each organizer receives cash sponsorship and product materials from us. Co-marketing can take the form of roadshows, online webinars, advertisements, and media kits.
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Cai Yanfeng

Business Development Manager for Southeast Asia Region

With over 15 years of experience in biometric solutions, Cai Yanfeng has a wealth of expertise in implementing successful biometric solutions. He plays a pivotal role in expanding the company’s presence in the Southeast Asia region. You can follow him on LinkedIn to stay updated on his latest insights into the biometric solutions industry. Else contact him directly via email: