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GDPR Compliant Statement


GDPR Compliant Statement

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to provide a standardized set of data protection laws among member states. These laws are designed to give EU citizens better control over how their data is used and to file complaints even if the individual is not in the country where their data is stored or processed.

Therefore, GDPR establishes privacy requirements that must be implemented anywhere in the organization where EU citizen personal data resides, making GDPR truly a global requirement. At Anviz Global, we believe that GDPR is not only an important step in strengthening and integrating EU data protection laws, but also the first step in strengthening data protection regulation worldwide.

As the world's leading provider of security products and system solutions, we are committed to and maintain data security, especially the use and safety of important Biometric features such as fingerprints and faces. For the EU GDPR regulations, we have made the following official statement

We promise not to use raw Biometric information. All users' Biometric information, whether fingerprint images or face images, are encoded and encrypted by Anviz's Bionano algorithm and stored, and cannot be used or restored by any individual or organization.

We are committed to not storing any user’s Biometric and identity data outside of the user's premises. All users' Biometric information will be stored only in the user's location, will not be stored in any public cloud platform, any third party organizations.

We promise to use peer-to-peer double encryption for all device communication. All Anviz's system servers and devices use a peer-to-peer double encryption scheme between devices and devices. Through the Anviz Control Protocol ACP and the universal HTTPS encryption protocol for transmission, any third party organization and individual cannot crack and restore the data transmission.

We promise that anyone using systems and devices will need to be authenticated. Any individual or organization using Anviz's systems and equipment requires authentication and strict operational rights management, and the system and equipment will be blocked from unauthorized use by any unauthorized personnel or organization.

We are committed to using more flexible and fast data transfer and elimination methods. For data security that users are concerned about, we offer more flexible data transfer and elimination solutions. The user can choose to transfer the biometric information from the device to the customer's own RFID card without affecting the normal use of the customer. When the system and device are improperly threatened by any third party, the user can choose to immediately let the device automatically eliminate all data and initialize the device.

Partner cooperation commitment

Compliance with GDPR compliance is a shared responsibility and we are committed to complying with GDPR with our partners. Anviz promises to inform our partners to maintain and secure data storage security, transmission security and security of use, and to protect the data security of the security system globalization.

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