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Anviz Launched World’s Leading Fake Fingerprints Detection Solutions


General Introductions

One of the biggest concerns with fingerprint readers is how easy they can be fooled. While biometrics are typically more difficult to steal or fake, headlines still break news of fake fingers or stolen prints being used to fool sensors.

Now Several leading Companies launched their own live finger detection methods including Tissue Reflection, Heartbeat Detection, Dermal Electric Resistance,Unnaturalness Analysis, etc. All these methods have their advantages and shortages, and now Anviz launched it’s worlds’ first AI Algorithm to detect fake fingerprints from more than thousands of different materials, and protect the high security requirements scenes in a most efficient and secure way such as governments, banks, airports, universities, etc.



Anviz AI Fake Fingerprint Detection (AFFD) is created and designed by artificial intelligence and deep learning, We collect millions of fake fingerprints every year from The government authorized organizations created by thousands of materials such as silicone, rubber, paper, gel, and through billions of self-practice, Anviz Biometrics terminal can recognize fake fingerprint within 0.5 seconds and block them and also triggering an alarm, The accuracy rate could reach to 99.99% which stands for the highest rate among all the key players in the industry. 




AFFD technologies can be applied into the following major scenes which need highest security protection.

  • Government

  • Finance company

  • Education and training organization

  • The airport

AFFD Terminals

Now AFFD has been applied into Anviz Bionano Algorithm and top level models C2 Pro and OA1000 Pro which covers both time & attendance and access control applications.

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