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Safely Return to School with Anviz Touchless Biometric Technology

Back to school and stay safe

According to SIA’s(Security Industry Associate) latest report in Sept.2020, Extensive New Poll Finds Most Americans Support Facial Recognition, people broadly favor schools using facial recognition and temperature detection technology to screen any visitors and are highly receptive to facial recognition technology that allows school administrators and school safety personnel to be alerted if a person who is not allowed on school grounds arrives.

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Accuracy of Facial Recongition Technology ( from DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN CARLY COOPERMAN)
Support for Groups Using Facial Recognition Technology Among U.S. ADULTS ( from DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN CARLY COOPERMAN)

Specifically, COVID-19 creates a new problem when children are back to schools, management needs to implement new processes and technologies to help keep students, teachers, employees, and visitors safe. The touchless plus temperature detection system would be obviously an integral part of requirements in providing immediate, visual scanning solutions.

FaceDeep 5 and FaceDeep 5 IRT would offer you a good choice.

Check kids temperature and mask accurately, accuracy ±0.3 °C (0.54 °F).

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