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German Dürr Fingerprint Identification System Project

Installation site:

Shanghai China, whole test center and office building of Dürr


  Hardware: P7C2ProM5

  Software: Crosschex

  Features: C2Pro for time attendance and consummation in dining hall, M5 for outdoor access control and P7 connected with printer for fingerprint authorized printing system

Project requirements:

By achieving “no-card” for Dürr’s new test center and office building, the entire staff uses fingerprint on access control, time attendance, consummation and printing.

1.       Providing much safer and more reliable fingerprint access control products and managing by group and time period

2.       Realizing the fingerprint time attendance system for the entire staff

3.       Controlling the use of printer and ensuring the safety of printed files by fingerprint authorized devices

4.       Achieving fingerprint identification consummation system


1. Anviz M5 with metal case provides an access control more reliable and safer

2. Anviz C2Pro makes time attendance and its management much easier and more convenient

3. Anviz P7 controls the employ of printers by fingerprint authorizing


Values for customer

Anviz fingerprint identification products replace one-card system in whole project, which reduces investment and future cost. Not only safety is ensured, but also more convenience is provided. The management for managers becomes easier, meanwhile the waste of office resources is controlled.



Staff:” I can use my fingerprint for entrance and consummation; I’ll never be embarrassed of forgetting my card. ”

HR & Administrator:” Finally I can get rid of cumbersome daily attendance statistics and receive a clear attendance report automatically, that really helps me a lot!”

Manager:” I’m quite happy seeing their working life become much more convenient and the business management becomes more normative.”