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W3 is powered by Anviz BioNANO® Al deep learning algorithm. You could enjoy Cloud-based time attendance management, 0.5s matching speed, liveness face recognition and wireless internet connection. With internal web-server, W3 allows users to easily access and manage the device through a web browser, without any software.
Through TCP and Wi - Fi, it is easy for admins monitor and manage the employee from anywhere with Anviz CrossChex Cloud software.

Versatile Punching Options

W3 supports various options for time attendance tracking, including facial recognition, password input, card scanning, or a combination of card and password. A hassle-free timekeeping solution for employees.

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Free Cloud-based Software

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Anviz W3 realizes convenient management across multiple locations with smart cloud-based system. The user-friendly platform enables easy uploading and seamless access to data at any time, from anywhere for easier and more efficient staff management.

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  • Dual Camera for Liveness Face Recognition

    Based on liveness recognition algorithm, combined with the infrared camera, there’s no more risk of face photos and video-based clock-ins, preventing time clock fraud and ensuring fair attendance. A comparison speed of less than 0.5 second, enables quick access without the need for queuing.

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  • Custom Permission Access

    By assigning specific access levels and permissions to different identities, only authorized staff can gain entry and access crucial resources to prevent information leakage and safeguard your business.

  • Make Access Simple and Flexible

    Ideal for any changing requirements or temporary arrangements. W3 provides the flexibility to grant or restrict access for different user groups, such as temporary staff, gym members or visitors during specific hours or days.

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  • Super Easy to Install Anywhere

    W3 is designed for easy installation, providing a cost-effective solution. It supports installation in multiple scenarios and wall materials, including on glass, marble, latex paint, or other surfaces, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

    No need for any specialized software or hardware, you can easily manage and configure the devices through a web browser.

System Configuration Diagram

Flexible communication for WiFi or Lan. Convenientmanagement for Web-server and PC software.

CrossChex Cloud



Card Capacity


User Capacity


Log Capacity






Identification Mode

Face, Password, RFID Card

Identification Time






Industrial High Speed CPU

RFID card

Standard EM, 

Working Temperature

-10 °C - 60 °C (140 °F)


20% to 90%