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smart buildings

Efficiency and security in smart buildings

—— Business security solutions ——

  • Accelerate Incident Response

    Keep people and property safe with powerful video security that easily detects threats and expedites response times.

  • Enhance the Tenant Experience

    Streamline building operations with tools that manages access, visitor check-in, package delivery, improves air quality and more.

  • Enhance the Tenant Experience

    Bring multiple properties behind a single pane of glass with a 10-year warranty, no external hardware, and zero-touch maintenance.

Cover every security need of your workplace

Rely on seamless, automated technology to safeguard your workplace and keep your business running.

  • Entrance

    Property managers can upgrade their commercial real estate entry systems without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy security technology already in place.

  • Garage

    Secure parking facilities with LPR technology, delivering real-time plate capture and recognition. Easily search by plate number, and receive Vehicle of Interest alerts to quickly review associated footage.

  • Turnstiles

    Designed to work with all major building turnstile access control technology, Anviz mitigates tailgating while providing a frictionless entry security experience for users.

  • Elevator

    Anviz integrates seamlessly with several of the leading elevator brands, enabling building owners and tenants alike to secure and manage elevator access control to specific floors.

  • Smoking Alarm
    Smoking Alarm

    Integrated with Monitor indoor air quality for smoke and vape emissions to ensure tenant health, comfort, and safety.

  • Tenant amenity
    Tenant amenity

    Our open API platform and commercial door entry system gives administrators the ability to seamlessly integrate access control into their existing tenant amenity apps.

Cloud-based security for modern offices

Staying on top of security is not only easy with Axis solutions, it helps you maintain a better business flow with the help of analytics.

  • Mobile Access Control
    Mobile Access Control

    Mobile credentials remove friction and help occupants get back to the office safely.

  • Know Who On Site at Anytime
    Know Who’s On Site at Anytime

    Improve visitor experience with a welcoming, secure and convenient first impression.

  • Health safety Tools for Reopening
    Health-safety Tools for Reopening

    Protect the health and safety of occupants as they return to the facility.

  • Meet Cybersecurity Needs
    Meet Cybersecurity Needs

    Secure confidential employee and business information inside your office—including HR documents, customer data, and more.

  • Collect Data to Improve Security
    Collect Data to Improve Security

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure – capture the data you need to manage the tenant experience securely.

  • Perimeter security management
    Perimeter security management

    Our technology helps you remotely monitor your perimeter and identify culprits if incidents do occur.

ANPR & Vehicle Access Control

The all-in-one solution to keep employees safe, stay compliant, reduce risk, and make sure their workplace stays secure

make sure their workplace stays secure