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CrossChex Cloud

CrossChex Cloud

New Cloud-based Time & Attendance Management Solution Works for Any Business

Easily track and manage employee attendance
from anywhere, anytime


What is CrossChex Cloud?

CrossChex Cloud is a cloud-based time and attendance management system without any software needed. You can use it anywhere you've got internet by using any internet browser. CrossChex Cloud is a super quick setup and easy to use system dedicated to saving your business money through employee time management, reducing administrative costs of time and attendance data collection and processing, thereby increasing overall productivity and profitability.

Why CrossChex Cloud?

device web access from location
Nothing to install on your desktop which can support any device web access from any location
Access data anywhere, anytime, from any computer
Access data anywhere
where employees clocked in and out
Track employees from any location to see where employees clocked in and out
Powerful cloud system works with all Anviz smart time and attendance devices
Anviz smart time and attendance devices

CrossChex Cloud Offers the Best Way to Manage
Your Employees’ Hours

Best-in-Class Scheduling

Easily set up attendance rules, create and manage employee schedules for all your organization.

Powerful Dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

The handy dashboard lets you easy to track employee attendance by real-time analytics.

High-Impact Reporting

High-Impact Reporting

Easily track and export employee hours in seconds which makes you feel intuitive with daily processes.

Super Easy Employees and Devices Management

Easy and quick to set up devices and add, delete, or modify employees’ information no matter how many employees and organizations you are managing around the world.

Mobile Punching and Tracking

Mobile Punching and Tracking

Employees can remote punch and track their own attendance records by CrossChex Mobile App. (Next-Gen)

  • Scheduling
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Management
  • Mobile

Innovative Features

    Current Version Next-Gen
Multi-level Administrator & Superviser
Activity Dashboard
Attendance Management
Shift Scheduling
Group Scheduling -
Time Tracking
Approval Process Control -
Body Tamperature & Mask Detection
Employee Scheduling Management
Employee Department Assignment Management
Employee Management
Employee Database Import / Export
Data Synchronization
Real Time Data & Reporting
Historical Reporting
Summary Reports
Reoprt Email Alerts -
Access Control
Access Controls / Permissions -
Remote Access / Control -
Visitor Management -
Mobile APP
Geolocation & GPS -
Mobile Access -
Mobile Time Tracking -
Exceptional Alerts & Notifications -

See CrossChex Cloud in Action

See CrossChex Cloud in Action

Make CrossChex Cloud One of Your Best Practices for Employee and Department Scheduling and Time Management!