Anviz FaceDeep 3 in Scheduled buses of The Ministry Of Municipality And Environment (MME) in Doha Qatar : The pace of smart transportation is accelerating. | Anviz Global

FaceDeep 3 in Scheduled buses of MME in Doha Qatar

The Ministry Of Municipality And Environment (MME) in Doha Qatar has nearly 100 scheduled buses for transferring employees and officials. In recent years, the cost of transportation is increasing, and the managers need to make sure only employees could get on the designated buses. It is also a good plan to maintain employees’ health under Covid-19. 
However, although the bus driver is easy to manage, and the time of buses is simple to schedule, it is not enough to reduce the cost and check bus passengers. Especially when many passengers are pouring into the buses in the morning and evening, it puts forward high requirements and strict standards for management and service.
About 80+ Anviz FaceDeep 3 4G are used on the regular buses after the officials of MME discussed and compared. They like the Flexible 4G communication between the CrossChex and terminals on the buses.
The FaceDeep3 Series features dual cameras for highly precise facial recognition capabilities, with the platform able to identify a user in just 0.3 seconds, and can process 50 people in a minute.
With the assistance of AI NPU, non-living body recognition such as videos and photos can be accurately excluded, and people wearing masks can be accurately identified. It is easy to work consistently in some places without internet or wifi as its stable 4G capability.

Employees are convenient and safe

Recognize and clock in with the face in seconds, after the face of MME'S employee is aligned with the camera of the FaceDeep 3 on the bus, even if they are wearing the masks. Further, every employee will have designated buses, and strangers have no chance to get on. Thus, there is no need to check the passengers for bus drivers. 

The cost of MME is reduced

Information about the employee taking the bus will be sent to CrossChex Standard via 4G. Managers could collect the data on which employees take which bus at what time. Therefore, managers could better schedule the shuttle lines as they get the data on bus occupancy and save costs by improving bus utilization. The CrossChex Cloud is hosted in the cloud, requires no upkeep, and has a pricing structure that doesn't raise costs each time a new employee is added to the team.